Exciting visit to the Procentre in Oslo


So in todays English class we visited the Procentre in Oslo. This centre is made to take care of Oslos prostitutes. All though it’s illegal to buy sexual favors in Norway, it’s still legal to sell so this is still happening.

The Procentre is a centre where woman and men who sell or have sold sex can come to achieve help. The people working there are all kinds of people, from many countries around the world, so language wouldn’t be a problem.


A woman who was working at the centre had a presentation about the prostitutes, human trafficking, immigration and how it all connects and works.

We learned that it’s illegal to advertise for the buying and selling of sexual favors. It’s also illegal to rent out apartments, houses and offices for prostitution activities. It’s illegal to organize or earn money from other peoples prostitution, such as trafficking and pimping.

The centre is there both for the prostitutes working indoor, and those working on the streets. They give advice and offer their help regarding social, economical and legal problems, as well as health services. Their services are all free, and they have drop-in health service.

I thought this was an exciting, different activity to do with the class. It made me very curious and I really wonder how the prostitutes feel and live. I think it would be even better if we could meet the prostitutes to talk to them, but i get that that would be a little hard. Hope we can do more activities like this.

xoxo B

Dear Mr. President

It’s hard to sit down and write you a letter, Donald Trump. I wish with all my heart that this letter could be addressed to Hillary, but the situation is as it is. With the whole world’s  population tripping to see how you handle you’re long lost situation, you should take care.


We’ve all watched you for a long time now. I’ve seen you push down others. I’ve seen you discriminate minorities. I’ve seen you make promises you never ever will be able to keep. But now, now you need to step it up. You are running The United States for four years, and i beg you, keep it safe.

Not that I have any experience ruling a country, still I would  like to give you a few advices regarding the future of The United States. At first, drop the prejudices. Accept the people of you’re country and make sure to remember you’re not a dictator!

I know you’ve said that you don’t want to support other countries without them giving you the same back. But think about it, if we all just stubbornly refused to help those around us, how would the world go around?

As the president for the United States, the leading country on our entire Globe, YOU have a responsibility. You need to step it up, you need to take the responsibility that is expected from you’re nation.

XoXo B

Humans of Oslo

Hey guys!

So this Tuesday my classmates and I went to Oslo to do a project called “People of Oslo.” The project is originally from a similar project called “people of New York” and it’s about interviewing all sorts of different people in the streets. 

It was really interesting walking around, observing the people of Oslo, picking out those we thought would be interesting to interview. As expected, some people were skeptical, some turned us down, but a few accepted our request to interview them, and it was great! 

We talked to four different people, but I’ll just tell you about Ascar, a Turkish, middle aged, happy man. Along with his wife, Amy, they came walking down Karl Johan, holding each other’s hands. 

Carefully we approached the couple asking if we could ask a few questions. The lady, Amy, were eager to answer, but she weren’t able to, as she didn’t speak English.. 

We started with a few basics, just to get comfortable. As I mentioned the man is called Ascar, he is visiting Oslo because he has heard a lot of nice things of our city, and wanted to explore it himself. It is his first day in town, but already he has noticed the privilege of few cars. He is used to totally packed streets, relived he can calm down, walking along the streets of Oslo. 

As we got a littler deeper into the conversation we got to know he has lived a good life, so far. Though some periods have been tougher than others, he’s proud of how he have handled difficult situations throughout life. Not unexpected, he was a little reluctant when we got into the more personal questions.

He is passionate about his country and proud to be from Turkey, despite the political situation, poor economy and not least the Syria crisis affecting his own country. 

Xoxo B


Multiculturalism. Just the word has my mind think like crazy.. Hmm how am I supposed to do this short..?

For starters, multiculturalism is extremely important. I would say you can see it as a glue, binding all sorts of cultures in the world together. It’s so important because it softens the differences between people and build acceptence.

Multiculturalism is the idea that different cultures are able to co-exist and work together within the same nation. The fact that every culture has a possibility to contribute with something positive to a gathered nation, gives us all the opportunity to not be judging and accept one another!

Although we don’t look the same, we aren’t that different after all. We all strive to do our best and to be the best version of our selves:)) (quote of the day;))

Xoxo B♥

Breaking the awkwardness 

Hey! I’m Benedicte, but people just call me Benni or Dicte. I’m starting this blog as a school project, to share my thoughts and opinions. Today we had some games to break the ice between the students in class, and it was both exciting, fun and a bit scary..

When my teacher Dave told us we should wear comfortable clothes in class, I honestly was quite nervous for what he had planned. To my relief it was only a few games to get to know the other students! Although these games were pretty wierd and I definitely got out of my personal comfort zone, it was fun.

In the beginning I was kind of confused and also really nervous, since we closed our eyes in the first game. It was hard to trust all those people that I’ve never really known. Although I know some of them:) I felt excited as well, and curious of what was going to happen!

All in all I’ve this made me realize I find it pretty hard to trust people. I think it’s scary to trust people I don’t know that well, and really think trust need to be built. I must confess, I peeked a few times during the games, honestly because I was too curious and afraid to keep my eyes closed… On the other hand, I feel like I’ve gotten the other students better to know and I absolutely think this is a safe class.

xoxo B♥